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Event at Chappal Pavilion

Chappal Pavilion Hosts Your Events with a Historical Touch!

  • Located in the heart of Yeniköy, Chappal Mansion offers a magnificent combination of history and modern design.

    What is Chappal Pavilion?

    This historical mansion, where every corner tells stories with its texture, is waiting for you to add a unique atmosphere to your events.

    Chappal is a brand that has made a name for itself with its designer furniture, decorative accessories and meditation products. Chappal Mansion welcomes you as a place full of history, decorated with the original products of this brand.

    Rental for Events:

    If you are looking for a modern venue blended with history, you can choose Chappal Mansion for your events.

    From workshops and art workshops to your special invitations; You can hold all kinds of events, from your launches to your corporate meetings, in this unique venue.
  • Why Chappal Pavilion?

    •A unique place where historical atmosphere meets modern design.

    •A special concept designed with Chappal's original products.

    •Large and flexible space options.

    •Commitment to be with you at every stage of your event with our professional and helpful team.

    Chappal Pavilion invites you to host unforgettable moments. Contact us for detailed information and reservation.
    Chappal Mansion is ready to add a different dimension to your events with its history and design!

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